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At Nila Foundation, established in 2019, we aim to kindle smiles globally by serving marginalized communities. Our focus areas include Education & Empowerment, Skilling & Women Entrepreneurship, Gender Equity & Youth Development, Nature Conservation & Disaster Resilience, Community Development, and Good Health & Wellness. By connecting compatible people, we strive to create a supportive and joyful society.

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Passionate about social justice, we empower individuals and uplift communities through innovative programs, aiming for a brighter, thriving future for all.

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Dilshad kaderiDilshad kaderi
13:00 25 Jun 24
The nila foundation is a beacon of hope and compassion in our community. Their dedication to social work is truly commendable. Nila foundation shows excellence in every endeavor. Their teams commitment and making profound difference in our community.
18:20 15 May 24
I am Abhijit Murali.I have been watching Nila's activities for 4 years.I also want to be a part of the work done by Nila at Aripa Tribal School and Rosemala Tribal School, all without expecting any reward.
Angel MaryAngel Mary
17:34 14 May 24
I had the privilege of undertaking a two-week internship at Nila Foundation, under the mentorship of Saleena Mam. This enriching program provided me with a comprehensive understanding of various facets of social work.Throughout my internship, I had the opportunity to visit esteemed social welfare institutions such as Thanal Milestone Thiruvallam, Karunalayam Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre, Destitute TB Rehabilitation Centre Pulayanarkotta, and Karunalayam Centre for Autistic Children etc....We facilitated numerous group activities, engaging the residents of diverse institutions, thereby brightening countless faces throughout the duration of our internship. Each day presented fresh experiences, leaving an indelible mark on our memories.A particularly fulfilling experience was organizing a camp for parents of differently-abled children at Thanal, representing Nila Foundation. Engaging with "human books" further expanded my knowledge and fostered invaluable connections and collaborations.Nila Foundation served as a platform for self-reflection, enabling me to identify and enhance my strengths, weaknesses, and skills.Collaborating with fellow interns, we cultivated a strong team spirit, ensuring a productive and enjoyable experience. I am confident that choosing Nila Foundation for my second-semester internship was the right decision, as it enabled me to fulfill all my academic objectives.I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Nila Foundation and Saleena Mam for providing me with invaluable opportunities and resources, shaping me into a more competent and compassionate individual.
Reni Susan PhilipReni Susan Philip
16:58 14 May 24
Nila Foundation holds a special place in my heart, especially the Rosemala project where I've had the privilege to contribute. The dedication and management by Nila and its volunteers are truly commendable, with Saleena Ma'am standing out as the backbone of the organization. Her unwavering support and genuine concern for others shine through, making her the pillar of strength for everyone involved. Despite her busy schedule, she always finds time to lend a helping hand, as I vividly remember from my early days in 2022. Saleena Ma'am's leadership may be characterized by her firmness, but it's her pure soul and magnetic aura that bring us all together, creating unforgettable memories and impactful experiences with Nila Foundation.
Adithya MohanAdithya Mohan
16:22 14 May 24
Ma'am,I had good experience with Nila Foundation. Nila plays a pivotal role in community development and school supporting programe. 'Kindling smile across the globe '- This tag line really makes sense while we get to know about the happiness provided by Nila to many individuals. Spreading happiness create positive humans. I am so glad to know about social engineering and togetherness. Wonderful team work. Go ahead.
Akhil RajAkhil Raj
06:21 11 May 24
Having my internship with NILA Foundation was a great opportunity and an enriching experience. I had exposure to numerous settings and interacted with a wide range of people, which was a huge exposure for me. I gained so much knowledge that I am sure will be pivotal in my future endeavors. It was also very nice to work with other interns and staff, which enhanced my skills in teamwork and coordination. It was an honor and privilege to have this tremendous opportunity with NILA, and I hope it can be continued in the future too.
Anagha MadhuAnagha Madhu
12:29 24 Apr 24
I enjoy my internship at the Nila Foundation. I had the chance to visit a number of community and social institutions during this internship, and I also gained new knowledge, abilities and i made some great connections.I would highly recommend this internship program to social work trainees.Thank you, nila for the amazing opportunity!
Amrutha JyothiAmrutha Jyothi
12:26 24 Apr 24
During my internship at NILA FOUNDATION I had the opportunity to immerse myself in various aspects of community outreach and development initiatives. The organization's focus on sustainable development and empowerment deeply resonated with me, and I was eager to contribute to their mission. Got opportunity to visit various communities like tribal, coastal and social institutions. I'm delighted to be part of this foundation.